Discover who has the greatest influence on your target market for only $99 a month

If you need a list of influencers who have the greatest impact on your target market, then this service is designed for you. This list is updated continuously and you'll also have access to detailed influencer profiles. Each profile includes a full list of their social presences (Instagram, Pinterest, etc), background information about the influencer, including where they live, what types of campaigns they like to work on and what products they like to promote and review.

To help you understand how influential they really are, each influencer profile includes total audience size and engagement levels. The profiles also include audience demographics and location, so you can discover who has the real influence on your target market. This service does not however include the ability to contact the influencers directly.

  • Who has the greatest influence on your target market
  • View total audience size and engagement levels
  • List of social presences used by each influencer
  • Background information for each influencer
  • What campaigns do they like to work on
  • What products do they like to review

A Sample list of Influencers

A Sample Influencer Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Konector?

Konector is like LinkedIn for Influencers.

Who uses Konector?

Companies of all sizes use Konector to help them find and engage with leading influencers across Auto, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Gadgets and Travel. We work with over 2,000 influencers across these six sectors.

What information is in each profile?

With our free service you will be able to see their Name, where they live, Social Presences (blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), what they specialise in (lipstick, beach holidays, etc.) and why they want to work with brands (reviews, advertising, etc.)

We will also provide you with personal information about the influencer, so you can better understand the individual you want to work with – and how best to engage with them.

With our fee paying services you will be able to truly understand how much influence they have by audience size and how engaged that audience really is. We will also give you the location and audience demographics, by gender, age, ethnicity, education and salary. With our top tier fee paying service you will be able to contact the influencers directly through our platform (it works just like LinkedIn).

How often are the profiles updated?

We are constantly updating existing profiles and adding new ones.

If I buy, can multiple people use my account?

Yes, teams can share one account from multiple machines – as long as you are willing to share the same username and password.

How do I pay?

We currently use PayPal. Soon we will also accept credit cards. Credit cards are charged at the beginning of the subscription term and monthly thereafter.

When will I be charged?

You are charged on the month anniversary that you started your subscription. Example, if you subscribed on 17th, you'll get charged every month on the 17th.

How quickly do I get access to the paid service?

As soon as we have confirmed full payment for the first month from PayPal, we will grant you access to the service. Payment will then be taken automatically for each of the following months, unless you cancel your subscription (see below on how to cancel your subscription).

How do I cancel?

It's easy, drop us an email before the start of next month and we will cancel the service at the end of the current subscription period. You can reach us at and we will send you a confirmation in writing that your service has been cancelled.